Polyfilling the Web Platform with Web Components

Brandon Satrom

Slides at http://bit.ly/ExtendTheWeb

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Polyfilling the Web Platform with Web Components

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Before our eyes, the practice of polyfilling is evolving from an HTML5 adoption technique to a full-blown design pattern that allows developers to "spackle" their browsers with whatever semantics they wish. AngularJS encourages this practice by enabling developers to use directives to add custom HTML tags and components to their applications.

Then there's the Web Components project, a set of W3C specifications designed to make the creation of custom semantics and components a feature of the browser. It's a powerful idea that could unlock a new set of browser capabilities, while adding new depth and richness to our applications.

In this session, Brandon will provide an overview of the Web Components technologies, demonstrate how these features work together, and show how developers can start experimenting with components right away.