Provide the easiest way to 
create, deliver, maintain, and share
beautifultechnical presentations.

Rapid Creation and Simple Editing

Simple text entry (Markdown) and live preview make a winning combination.

Built for Technical Presentations

Code is a first-class citizen. Built by developers for developers.

Beautiful Slides, Design Control

Themes, variations, master slides and custom CSS help you achieve the design you want.

Long-Lived Content

Keep your content updated and your audience will automatically stay up-to-date.

Share Online, Present Offline

Share, embed, download and present. Get your message out there!

Consistent Display

Consistent scaling and display across screen sizes is baked into the platform.

Rapid Creation & Simple Editing

Simple Formatting

At the heart of the Blazon experience is the simple text entry style of slide creation. We use a slightly extended version of Markdown to allow for rapid content development as well as code inclusion in slides.

Live Preview

As you add content to your slides, you see a live preview of the result on the left. Due to the consistent display of Blazon slides, you can be confident your presentation will look beautiful regardless of the screen size you end up presenting on. Slide layout is controlled through Themes, Master Slides and Custom CSS.

Auto Saving

Your work is continually saved as you work so you never have to remember to save your progress.

Built for Technical Presentations

Designed from the start with technical presentations in mind.

  • Automatic syntax highlighting in 60+ languages with the ability to mark up code in a paragraph, as simple code block, or as a shared code file used on multiple slides.
  • Upload, organize and edit your code as part of your presentation. Show lines of code from these files on multiple slides, and make edits in one place. Quick links show you the slides where your code is used. Ditch the laser pointer and call out individual lines of code by dimming the other lines.

Beautiful Slides, Design Control

Theme variations and settings

Themes and Variations

Chose one of the themes and color variations as a starting point for your design.

Syntax Highlighting & Theme Variables

Choose a syntax highlighter scheme and change up the colors and fonts for your presentation theme in a simple editor.

Master Slides

Each theme comes with its own set of master slides that have some nice presets for slide layout. You can quickly switch between these masters as you prepare your presentation.

Custom CSS

Since Blazon slides are rendered as HTML, you can use Custom CSS to tweak nearly any aspect of the presentation to be exactly what you want it to be.

Long-Lived Content

Presentation content often becomes stale very quickly. With Blazon, you are able to easily log in at any time an update your presentations. Not only that, but once you share your published presentation, those who view it will have the ability to subscribe to be notified when changes are made to your presentation.

A daily digest or a weekly digest (depending on their preference) will be sent out to those users providing general details about which slides were edited, which slides were added, and how many slides were removed.

Share Online, Present Offline

Social sharing icons

Social Sharing

Quickly share presentations on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or via Email.


Blazon presentations can be embedded on other sites, and the default embedding code is responsive and will scale to fit appropriately in the available width. (You can also choose a simple fixed width code as well).

Download and Present Offline

While presenting online is great for remote presentations and screen sharing, any experienced presenter knows not to count on a venue having internet. With Blazon, you can download your presentation as a prepared HTML file and run it offline.

Consistent Display

While the background of Blazon slides will extend to fill the available area, the slides themselves always maintain the same aspect ratio providing for predictable display of your content regardless of screen size or aspect ratio.